Reject Any Cuts to SNAP in the Farm Bill

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June is national hunger awareness month. Ironically, the U.S. House Agricultural Committee voted to give more subsidies to big agribusiness and cut food aid for 2 million families, children, and senior citizens. Drastic cuts like these are not a necessity. But rather this was a choice to support tax breaks for the wealthy and big businesses (like Apple) by literally taking food from hungry kids. The full U.S. House of Representatives votes soon on whether or not to cut funds for SNAP.

Please contact your members of Congress to tell them to reject any cuts to SNAP in the Farm Bill. It is already a national sin and a shame that one in five children in America are at risk of hunger while companies like Apple skirt taxes on at least $74 billion in profit. Currently, Congress is poised to funnel more subsidies to profitable corporate agriculture companies. This is yet another example of legislation that favors corporations and the 1% over the 99%.

Our voices are more important than ever. Harmful automatic cuts (sequestration) to human needs programs are chipping away at critical and effective anti-hunger initiatives. There are efforts to cut SNAP (formerly food stamps) and international food aid in the farm bill.

Please call your members of Congress today and amplify the stories of others seeking to fight hunger in the world by sharing your own. Tell your members of Congress what drives you to work toward ending hunger?

Join the choir of Bread For the World activists taking to Capitol Hill on June 11, 2013. Let’s show Congress what a movement to end hunger looks like. It’s not too late to come to Lobby Day on Tuesday of this week. But even if you can not be with their for Lobby Day, you can still participate right where you are. Here’s how:
•Call or email your members of Congress today.
•Ask them to
1.Protect SNAP and improve international food aid in the farm bill.
2.Replace sequestration with a balanced plan that includes both revenues and sensible cuts.
•Share your story about why you are a Bread for the World member and why SNAP, international food aid, sequestration, and ending hunger matter to you.
•You can include additional facts from our Lobby Day talking points.

It is simply outrageous and morally wrong to give money to highly profitable large corporations at the expense of America’s children who rely on food aid. With that said, contact your members of Congress to tell them to reject any cuts to SNAP in the Farm Bill.

Personal stories like yours are what will move your members of Congress to act. So don’t delay. Help amplify the message that we can and must end hunger.

Source(s): AFL-CIO; Bread For the World

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