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Question of the Day: Will a budget deal be reached in Washington or have Republican leaders decided to continue to hold the nation’s health and well-being hostage by failing to reach an agreement with Democrats on the budget?

Republicans led the charge to defeat a Democratic plan that would have eliminated the across-the-board sequestration budget cuts for the remainder of 2013, which the Congressional Budget Office has estimated would cost 750,000 jobs. As a result, some argue that Republicans are holding out for ransom demands in the form of benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Again, today, Senate Republicans refused to surrender their hostages (i.e. entitlements) and as a direct result according to many highly regarded economists such as Robert Reich the nation’s economy and working families can and will be greatly hurt by the upcoming Republican sequester.

What are your thoughts? Will a deal be reached? If so, what impact will the deal have on nation’s health and well-being?

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Source(s): Congressional Budget Office