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…all eyes are turning back to Wisconsin…

The then newly elected Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker reportedly  used his first months in office to punish political opponents, pass tax breaks for the rich, and attack the middle class.These actions lead the citizens of Wisconsin to launch efforts to recall Governor Walker.

The recall of the controversial Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, is drawing near. As Rebuild the Dream reminded us, “all eyes are turning back to Wisconsin”.  In less than three  weeks, people vote whether to recall the infamous Governor Scott Walker. This political showdown should be of importance to all Americans. It will define what is politically acceptable throughout the country, and will set the tone for the 2012 presidential election in November.

This Saturday, thousands of people gathered in Milwaukee for a political rally. On stage at the event were inspiring speakers, musicians and artists. Van Jones, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, indie soul songstress Grace Weber, comedian Lee Camp, and more amazing, local artists, musicians, poets, and community leaders. Hip-hop artist Jasiri X debuted “You’re Fired,” a new song dedicated to Governor Walker.

The purpose of the event was to bring people together to recall Walker, refund Wisconsin, and rebuild the dream. Rebuild the Dream live streamed the entire event on Saturday afternoon. People not familiar with efforts to recall the controversial governor of Walker may ask, what has Wisconsin experienced under the “leadership” of Governor Walker?

Walker’s Impact on 99% of Wisconsinites

Since last year, Governor Walker cut a staggering $1.6 billion from K-12 schools, the biggest public education cuts in the country.  Walker has also gutted public higher education, healthcare for low-income and working families, and collective bargaining rights for teachers, firefighters and cops.

Governor Walker’s  Handouts to the 1%

Walker handed out $2.3 billion in tax cuts for corporations and the super-wealthy, while he increased taxes for working families and seniors by taking away earned-income and homestead tax credits. As a result, it has been reported that state’s economy is reeling. In the last year, Wisconsin lost approximately twenty three thousand nine hundred dollars (23,900) jobs making it fifty first (51st) in the nation in job losses.

On Walker  watch as Wisconsin’s governor, the worst of the 1% have had their way. And the 99% are fighting back in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has shown a riveting force of people power since early 2011. And now Walker could lose his job. This recent political rally held in Wisconsin shows Governor Walker in these final weeks leading up to the recall elections on June 5 that working families in Wisconsin and across the country are more united than ever and ready to stand against the extreme policies that are leading our country in the wrong direction.

In response to Governor Walker’s actions, Wisconsinites came together to nominate Tom Barrett as their Democratic candidate for governor in the recall election. It has been reported that Scott Walker has amassed a war chest of over twenty-five (25 )million dollars – on top of the backing from his special interest allies – meaning  Walker is ready and able to launch a barrage of false attack ads on Tom Barrett his democratic opponent. With that said, keep your eyes on Wisconsin. As previously stated, it will define what is politically acceptable throughout the country, and will set the tone for the 2012 presidential election in November.

Like the event held on Saturday, Rebuild the Dream is reportedly organizing a series of “Revival” events around the country. Rebuild Wisconsin is their biggest one yet. At each Revival, Rebuild the Dream partner with local groups to inspire, connect, and mobilize people around a key local or state issue. For further information on upcoming Rebuild the Dream efforts, please visit the Rebuild the Dream website.

Source(s): Rebuild the Dream

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