Archive | May 12, 2012

Nurses Day

Today is recognized as International Nurses Day. Each year, on May 12th, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, nurses are celebrated on International Nurses Day. This day was established to recognize the contribution nurses make to the health and well-being of our society. Inspired by nurses like Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry, the International Council of Nurses started this annual event forty-seven (47) years ago. Every year, there is a different theme for the day. This year, the theme is: “Closing The Gap: Increasing Access and Equity”.

On International Nurses Day, we honor the life-saving abilities of nurses around the world. Whether by putting you at ease while you wait for your doctor or taking your health history, the variety of critical health related services nurses provide is seemingly endless. Every day, nurses take care of countless patients. Each May 12th, we can demonstrate our support and appreciation for nurses world-wide by acknowledging their important work.

Photo credit: Microsoft Clip Art

Source(s): International Council of Nurses.