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National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 2010: New Knowledge and Unanswered Questions

Event:            Webinar: National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 2010: New Knowledge and Unanswered Questions

Date/Time:   Wednesday, May 16, 2012,  4:00pm-5:30pm Eastern Time

Faculty:          Michele Lynberg Black, Ph.D.  is an epidemiologist for the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Walter S. DeKeseredy, Ph.D . is a Professor of Criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of             Technology (UOIT), and Molly Dragiewicz,, Ph.D.  is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Hosted by:    Barbara Hart, J.D., David Lee, and Kari Sonmore

Content:        The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), developed by CDC’s Injury Center, was initiated in 2010 to collect accurate and reliable incidence and prevalence estimates for intimate partner violence, sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking victimization. Released on December 14, 2011, this data draws important attention to these issues and creates opportunities to advance our intervention and prevention efforts… Overall, lifetime and one year estimates for sexual violence, stalking and intimate partner violence were alarmingly high for adult Americans; with IPV alone affecting more than 12 million people each year. Women are disproportionately impacted. They experienced high rates of severe intimate partner violence, rape and stalking, and long-term chronic disease and other health impacts such as PTSD symptoms. NISVS also shows that most rape and IPV is first experienced before age 24, highlighting the importance of preventing this violence before it occurs to ensure that all people can live life to their fullest potential.”  VAWnet, see below.

Dr. Black will offer an overview of the findings of the NISVS, and Drs. DeKeseredy and Dragewicz will amplify regarding the significance of the findings and will suggest questions that appear to remain unanswered by the current report on the NISVIS data. If you would like to prepare in advance, please see the following options: See VAWnet NISVS Resource Page (14+ articles and links) at:

See PreventConnect on NISVS at:

See more information about the Survey on the CDC site at: is a national project of the  California Coalition Against Sexual Assault  (CALCASA) and is sponsored by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC). The views and information provided in PreventConnect activities do not necessarily represent the official views of the United States Government, the CDC, or CALCASA.  For more information, visit .