VAWA Reauthorization Battle in the US Senate

The Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) has saved countless lives. Since this bipartisan legislation first passed in 1994, it’s been reauthorized twice without much difficulty. And it has been tremendously successful in helping to combat domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The US House of Representative failed to reauthorize the Act.  VAWA is in jeopardy of not being reauthorized by the US Senate. It appears that the Republicans are willing to throw away the entire law now that it helps protect lesbians, gay men, undocumented immigrants, and Native Americans.

The Senate’s voting on the Act any moment now, and people concerned about the health and well-being of ALL victims need to put pressure on the GOP to pass VAWA.  Before the vote, stand with me for all victims of domestic violence — no matter who they are: Add your name in support of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Since this law passed, it has helped reduce the annual rate of domestic violence by an astounding 53 percent. The rate of women killed by an intimate partner has dropped 34 percent. Its programs, including violence prevention programs, shelters and rape crisis centers, and funding for the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes have made a world of difference in giving victims of violence a safe place to turn.  It has without a doubt saved thousands of lives.  At this juncture, the Senate Republicans are ready to roll back all the progress that has been made.

This year’s Act would make sure that LGBT Americans receive equal treatment for services, it would make it easier for undocumented immigrants to come forward as victims and provide temporary visas in certain cases, and let Native Americans on reservations go to tribal courts for abuse cases. With these additional protections, the GOP has promised to fight it every step of the way.  If Congress votes against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, all of these programs could grind to a halt, and the hundreds of thousands of women who rely on them will once again be left on their own.

Before the Senate votes this week, add your name in support of protecting all victims of domestic and sexual violence, no matter who they are:

Source(s): NCADV. Democratic Party Action Alert

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