‘Occupy Koch Town’

This President’s Day Weekend, Eyewitness News reported on “Occupy Wichita Kansas” the home of the Koch Brothers, Koch Industries, and their Kansas Policy Institute “Think Tank”. About five hundred (500) activists are expected to descend upon the home of David and Charles Koch’s Koch Industries. The ‘Occupy Koch Town’ event is a joint effort of the Kansas and Missouri chapters of the Sierra Club and of several nearby Occupy groups, who see the company as a prime example of corporate dominance of politics and science. “Protesters …are speaking out against what they say is a vested interest by Koch in the Keystone pipeline project. Event organizers chose Wichita because they claim the pipeline project is supported by Wichita based Koch Industries. However, Koch has repeatedly said they have nothing to do with the project and call today’s protest a politically charged attack.”

“The crowd was hard to miss as they made their way through downtown Wichita.  They’re protesting the Keystone pipeline project which they claim could be harmful to the environment.” “I’m concerned about the Aquifers and what could happen if we let somebody else put a dangerous straw across our country and it pops a leak,” protester Esau Freeman said.”

“There were a few tense moments during the downtown demonstration when the group marched in front of Century II. Police officers cleared the crowd off the private property and some heated words were exchanged. Eventually the protestors moved on, trying to spread their message to people passing by.”

“We’ve had some questions.  We’ve had some of the people on the streets just join right in with us.  It’s been really positive with a lot of people driving by honking, no negativity that I saw,” Mike Shatz with Occupy Wichita said.

“There was a small counter protest to the “Occupy Koch Town” movement.  A one-man march followed the larger crowd.  Craig Newland isn’t shy about his opposing opinion.“I’m outnumbered but I’m getting in the last word,” counter-protester Craig Newland said.  “These people are parasites.  The Kochs are producers,” Newland said.

“Despite their differing views, Newland said he actually got along nicely with the occupiers. After several hours of marching, the group called it quits and headed back to home base. They plan to continue their protest on Sunday.”

“The director of Koch’s corporate communications responded to Saturday’s demonstration by emailing the following written statement: “We would encourage the protesters to turn their attention to matters that are real and pressing such as excessive government spending, more than $15 trillion in federal debt, and onerous regulations that are crippling our nation.” “This protest is a politically motivated attack and an attempt to harass and demonize an American company.”

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