Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Meeting

January 2012 was declared ‘Poverty in America Awareness Month’. As you may recall, in my post on “Poverty Awareness Month”, I shared facts about the prevalence of poverty in America. The month of January and ‘Poverty in America Awareness Month’ is over.  Unfortunately, poverty in America is not—that is why I will continue to write about it and actions which can and should be taken to address it.

If poverty was not brought to an end in “Poverty Awareness Month” this gives rise to the question, why was the afore-referenced awareness month held?  The reason is that an awareness month is designed to prompt action and gain attention to a particular plight.  Awareness months serve to educate the public on the prevalence of societal ills which must be addressed and to highlight the need to take immediate action.  And through awareness raising efforts, we hope to prompt in someone a twinge, a feeling, an emotion, or a question that will create a ‘call to action’.  That call to action might be to advocate, volunteer your time, or to learn more. And now that “Poverty Awareness Month” is over, we, as a society and/or as individuals, have an obligation to help those people who heard the message to take decisive action.  Each of us must be the voice of the poor to those who choose to hear about their plight and to encourage them to take the requisite actions to address the problems of the poor.

Here’s an opportunity to be a voice for change: Today, Union and progressive activists are staging some unique events at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) meeting in Washington, D.C., the annual gathering of the Who’s Who of the 1 percent, including Mitt Romney, Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Ann Coulter and Grover Norquist. Actions are set for noon and 5 p.m. (EST). If you are in the D.C. area and want to join in, go to the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel (2600 Woodley Rd. at Connecticut Ave. N.W.).

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Sources: AFL-CIO. St. Vincent de Paul Society.


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