Help Vulnerable Families Call Congress

Currently, Congress is deciding whether to extend unemployment insurance benefits past their February 29th expiration date. If they do not reach an agreement, five million workers risk losing their benefits. “The unemployment benefits these struggling families receive kept at least 3.3 million Americans from falling into poverty in 2009 alone, including 1.5 million children.”

It has been reported by the AFL-CIO that the “tea party” politicians are pushing plans to:

  • “Slash federal unemployment funding by more than half in the states with the highest unemployment.
  • Let states whose governments have been taken over by the tea party divert premium money away from unemployment as we know itand use it to experiment with right-wing social engineering programs (like “workfare,” where people are forced to work for free to get unemployment benefits).
  • Mandate drug testing requirements. Politicians are ready to humiliate people who are out of work—by making them urinate in a cup to get benefits they paid for and are entitled to.
  • Make jobless workers pay for their re-employment services. People who are out of work through no fault of their own and have paid into the system aren’t asking for a handout—but a helping hand. Now, the radical lawmakers want to make them to pay for the privilege.
  • Deny benefits to people who never got their high school diploma lose their right to benefits—they’d have unemployment insurance taken out of their paycheck—but will get nothing should they lose their job. Shame!
  • Cut federal employee pensions—or freezing wages for yet another year. Federal workers have already done more than their fair share to balance the budget—while the richest 1% of Americans have been asked to do absolutely nothing.”

Until the national unemployment rate shows measurable signs of improvement and the economy begins generating meaningful numbers of jobs, the program of federal jobless benefits should be continued by Congress. With that said, it is time for each of us to tell our elected officials in Washington to ensure that ALL Americans can weather the current economic storm. To accomplish said goal, call 1-888-245-3381 NOW and ask your elected officials to extend federal unemployment insurance benefits.

9 to 5 prepared this script to assist us in placing this very necessary call to our members of congress. It reads as follows: “When connected to your Congress person’s office, please tell him or her: Your name, where you are from, and that you are a constituent. Please tell _____________ that I’m counting on [him or her] to pass the necessary legislation to extend federal unemployment insurance benefits. Thank you.”

“What is at stake if these benefits are allowed to expire? Over two (2) million women stand to lose this critical lifeline in 2012. More than a quarter of a million of these women are single parents. For many of them, federal unemployment benefits may be the difference between staying afloat and falling into poverty.” We can’t allow politicians to play games with this vital lifeline for hardworking families. Please call or write your Senator today. Tell Congress to extend unemployment insurance through 2012 – without adding difficult, new requirements for unemployed workers.

Hardworking Americans – who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own – could lose benefits that they have paid into and that their families depend on.  As stated previously in this post, some members of Congress are threatening to use this critical deadline to cut unemployment insurance or impose difficult, new restrictions on jobless Americans. You can make the difference in the lives of countless families in your state by calling Washington and urging your elected officials to extend unemployment benefits.  Call and/or write your Senator now. Tell Congress to put their games aside and do what’s right for unemployed workers. Again, please call 1-888-245-3381 today and ask your elected officials in Washington and urge them to act NOW to pass a bill to prevent federal unemployment insurance benefits from being cut off this holiday season.

Source: The National Association of Working Women. AFL-CIO.

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