Tell the US House of Representatives to Extend Unemployment Benefits

As winter festivities continue across the country for many, there are others who are sitting at home right now, waiting to hear if they will have basic needs such as food and shelter next month. The National Association of Working Women remind us that, “…Nearly 8 million workers and their families have been kept afloat by the extension of the federal unemployment insurance program while they search for work in this tough economy. Unemployment is at a historic high of 9.6%, and jobless workers across the country are doing all they can to meet their families’ basic needs. Long-term unemployment is at a level not seen since the Great Depression– over 42% of all unemployed (6.1 million workers) have been without a job for over 6 months, and 30% (4.4 million workers) have been out of work for over a year.” The National Association of Working Women asks that we help give struggling families something to be grateful for by telling Congress to extend long-term unemployment benefits.

“The unemployment benefits these struggling families receive kept at least 3.3 million Americans from falling into poverty in 2009 alone, including 1.5 million children.” Until the national unemployment rate shows measurable signs of improvement and the economy begins generating meaningful numbers of jobs, the program of federal jobless benefits should be continued by Congress. With overwhelming bipartisan support, the Senate recently passed a bill which temporarily extends federal unemployment insurance programs that expire on December 31. But now, the US House Republican leaders are threatening to kill the bill, cutting off this vital support for millions of struggling families across our nation.

With that said, it is time for each of us to tell our Representative in Washington to ensure that ALL Americans can celebrate this season. To accomplish said goal, call 1-888-245-3381 NOW and ask your Representative to extend federal unemployment insurance benefits.

9 to 5 prepared this script to assist us in placing this very necessary call to our members of congress. It reads as follows: “When connected to your Representative’s office, please tell him or her: Your name, where you are from, and that you are a constituent.   Please tell _____________ that I’m counting on [him or her] to pass the Senate bill to extend federal unemployment insurance benefits. Thank you.”

The Senate bill extends unemployment insurance for two (2) months. We know in two (2) months we will still be fighting to extend unemployment benefits, but right now is the time to stop stalling this very necessary assistance to needed families and support them during the holiday season. It is now up to the US House of Representatives to pass the bill to ensure that unemployed Americans are not left in the cold this holiday season.

“What is at stake if these benefits are allowed to expire? Over two (2) million women stand to lose this critical lifeline in 2012. More than a quarter of a million of these women are single parents. For many of them, federal unemployment benefits may be the difference between staying afloat and falling into poverty.”

You can make the difference in the lives of countless families in your state by calling Washington and urging your Representative to extend unemployment benefits. Again, please call 1-888-245-3381 today and ask your Representatives in Washington and urge them to act NOW to pass the Senate bill to prevent federal unemployment insurance benefits from being cut off this holiday season.

Source: The National Association of Working Women.

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