Tell your members of congress that you care about working families and so should they. As you have seen with the on-going federal budget battles, essential programs for low-income and vulnerable people are threatened with cuts:  Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP/food stamps, and unemployment benefits. These cuts will make things worse, not better. Countless families will be hurt by cuts in these very necessary programs for low and moderate income person. Additionally, more jobs will be lost in a period of record unemployment.

As I have indicated in my blog posts on the economy, our nation needs a prudent economic plan that will put us on the right track by investing in jobs, protecting low income people, sharing the burden by asking top-income households and profitable corporations to contribute more revenue, and reducing waste elsewhere. It is apparent from the raging federal budget discussions in order for that to occur our US Senators and US Representatives need to hear from us that there must be “shared sacrifice”. Toward that goal, 9 to 5 prepared a simple script on how to reach and speak with your congress persons about saving very necessary programs for families which is provided below.

1. “
To reach your members of congress you can dial this toll-free number:  1-888-907-1485.

2. Follow the instructions and you’ll be connected to your Senators and Rep. Here’s a message you can use:

Hi, my name is ____ and I am from (city, state). 

  • I know that a Select Committee is working on a plan to reduce the federal deficit.  No plan can work if it does not protect Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment insurance and other basic safety net programs. 
  • And it must create jobs. The plan must have increase revenue from upper-income households and profitable corporations, and savings from cutting unneeded military spending. 
  • I urge [Rep or Senator ___] to work with the Select Committee to develop such a plan, and to reject proposals that harm the poor and stall economic recovery.

It’s easy to think of a million reasons why you don’t want to call.  You may think they don’t pay attention.  But they do – when people showed up in town meetings across the country this summer insisting that Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security be protected, and some cuts were beaten back.  But they’re not done – and neither are those who are using the deficit as an excuse to slash services and shrink government.

So please join people of faith, service providers, advocates for children and seniors, working and jobless people and call Congress on October 4 and 5: Toll-free number: 1-888-907-1485.

We need jobs!  We don’t want to hurt the most vulnerable.  Slashing funding for much needed services will put a slam on the brakes on our economic recovery. With fair revenues and military and other savings, we can reduce the deficit the right way.”

Source: Action Alert 9 to 5.

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