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Nichelle Mitchem Shares Information on Health Disparities & Social Justice Conference 2011: A Focus on Women’s Health

Conference Overview

On Friday January 28th, 2011, a health disparities conference will be held at DePaul University’s DePaul Center in Chicago, IL.  The Health Disparities and Social Justice Conference hosted by DePaul University’s Master of Public Health (MPH) Program will provide an opportunity to increase skills in identifying and addressing a wide variety of health disparities in diverse communities.

The conference will also provide a valuable context for dialogue among a range of health and community experts who share DePaul’s mission to address social injustices and community health practices in marginalized groups. A special focus on women’s health will be central to this year’s conference. This conference is provided free-of-charge to those interested in public health.

Presentations will take the form of skills-building workshops. Sessions will be focused on some aspect of the intersection of health disparities and women’s health among diverse populations, such as: immigrants, communities of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, low-income families, seniors/elders, and/or youth. In addition to the workshops and keynote speaker, a community lunch-hour session will include opportunities for networking and discussion.

Health disparities will be framed as social justice issues. The learning
exchanges that take place at the conference will provide attendees with an
improved ability to enrich the lives of those at highest risk for poor
health outcomes, including members of various groups who experience social
oppression and marginalization. Photo credit: Microsoft Clip Art