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Nichelle Mitchem Featured in the Washington Times

Featured in Washington Times article, “Tell Mom that you love her with a donation,” Nichelle Mitchem talks about the need of partners for a local domestic violence agency located in Washington, DC.

For far too many women/men, violence and danger are their constant companions. Despite concerted efforts to eradicate domestic violence, data indicates that intimate partner violence continues to pose a clear and present danger to the health and well-being of countless persons in the District of Columbia thus highlighting the importance of domestic violence shelters.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), intimate partner violence results in an estimated (1,200) deaths and two (2) million injuries among women and nearly 600,000 injuries among men annually. Twenty-three (23) percent of women and eleven (11) percent of men aged 18 years or more have a lifetime history of intimate partner violence victimization. Indigent young women are more vulnerable to domestic violence than women with more personal resources. Women who are between the ages of 20-24 years old are at the  greatest risk of nonfatal intimate partner violence. Research indicates that most incidents of domestic violence are not reported to the police.

The dearth of safe, decent, affordable housing causes many young, poor, and some middle income women  to confront the unenviable choice of homelessness or remaining in a home plagued by violence and turmoil resulting from domestic violence. Community support is integral in ending domestic violence. Everyone has a right to be safe. Here is a  list of a few very helpful websites:;;  It is important to be safe rather than sorry. With that said, support the very necessary work undertaken by domestic violence service providers. With an equal amount of conscience, mind, heart, and collective action, we can end domestic violence.

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