Archive | April 2002

Nichelle Mitchem Enhances Services for Homeless Children

Nichelle Mitchem, long time advocate for indigent children, youth, and families in crisis, has enhanced both the quality and accessibility of programs and services for these vulnerable populations. During her tenure as executive for several nonprofit agencies, Nichelle has expanded their programs and services for children and youth. The program enhancements have included but not been limited to: service learning programs, the creation of a child focused Interactive Media Center, and the establishment of interactive “discovery centers.”

One of the service learning projects was designed to teach the children about 19th century life and to encourage them to share their discoveries with the community. Through the children’s involvement in this project, they learned: the fundamentals of field research; the inherent validity of scholarship; and the value of sharing knowledge. The Interactive Media Center was designed to allow the children to learn about, manipulate and enjoy cutting edge information technology such as video conferencing, film-making, and digital photography.

The “discovery centers” consist of intellectually stimulating and recreational systems focused on a variety of themes, including the natural sciences, astronomy, current affairs and information technology. The children were afforded the opportunity to participate in intellectually stimulating and compelling programming.

In sum and substance, the afore-referenced child-focused initiatives were designed to support the children’s intellectual development.
Photo Credit: Microsoft Clip Art